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According to Crain’s Chicago Business, The Mc Donald’s franchisee survey respondents “characterized their relationship with corporate as 1.93 on a scale where 5 would be excellent and 0 awful.” A chief complaint among Mc Donald’s franchisees continues to be continuing emphasis on the Dollar Menu and price promotions.The Chicago Tribune cites one complaint of “couponing like there’s no tomorrow.” Another respondent complained: "Every quarter we sell a smaller percentage of our menu at a full (and profitable) price." Another Mc Donald’s franchisee complaint is new product introductions that have caused an “operational nightmare.” According to a franchisee quoted in Crain’s: "We have more complicated items, with more elements coming from the (distribution center), more equipment coming from suppliers so everyone else is making more money sending us more ‘stuff’ and we are expected to deliver a product that takes 55 seconds on the best day in less than that, do it consistently and with a smile on our face…There’s little to smile about." The battle between Mc Donald’s franchisees and corporate is one that is inherent in the franchise relationship, especially with publicly traded franchisor’s.If going to an audition conflicted with a job, I'd go to the audition.

[on moving to Los Angeles] I made a deal with myself, I would come here and give myself one year, try acting my absolute hardest.

Although Karren has not suffered a stroke, in 2006 she discovered she had a cerebral (brain) aneurysm, which put her at high risk of a brain haemorrhage or stroke.

The aneurysm was revealed in a routine MRI scan, part of a comprehensive medical screening at the Preventicum Clinic in West London.

…because Mc Donald’s is beholden to its investors, monthly sales performance is key, said John Gordon, founder and principal of Pacific Management Consulting Group, a San Diego, Calif.-based chain restaurant consulting group.

"That’s where the real rub comes in with franchisees — same-store sales," he said.

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